mercoledì 5 marzo 2008

Chi siamo in Inglese


"To change the image of Africa in Europe and Europe in Africa”

We want to say that Africa is not a province of the West, but rather the cradle of humanity.
We denounce, in an organized way, the exploitation of Africa by European policies. We can say, without surprise, that if it is true that colonialism is over, the neo-colonialism is not doing less damage colonial campaign. We know an Africa different from what we are being shown on television, in newspapers or travel agencies.We will not resign to listen the lies and see the images every day that offend the dignity in Africa. We are indignant when we hear talk about an Africa that is dying or will die if do not receive the help of the rich.We are close to the young Africans who, like us, feel the weight of a world inhospitable and unfair. We stand by the kids who decide to stay in their own country to achieve an Africa different and with those who, in order to build a more humane future, I am willing to start chasing the mirage of a Europe that does not exist. We denounce intolerance and racism of who to defend their privileges raises the drawbridges and a fortress Europe. We feel that the African share: "no one is a stranger here, and all are guests." We believe in the redemption of Africa. Only together we can build a different world.

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